Adventures in Freedom 1


Length of video: 89 minutes


Ever watched naked girls swimming? Or dancing? Or walking down streets in shows of public nudity? In “Adventures in Freedom 1”, quintessential Aussie girl Shannon gets on a plane in Sydney for her first trip overseas, and disembarks in Madrid, where she takes a naked shower in the hotel where she stays. A few days later she flies to the wonderful Mediterranean island of Ibiza, off the east coast of Spain, and finds just the right house with a pool to swim naked in and dance on the large adjacent deck. Katrina, her friend from the Czech Republic, soon arrives and also partakes in a long naked swim in the pool. A little later Shannon’s best friend from Australia, Bella, also arrives and the three girls begin their Adventures in Freedom together by dancing enthusiastically on the deck.
But that’s not where naked girls swimming and dancing ends. The three girls visit one of the secluded beaches of Ibiza and sun-bake and swim naked in the beautiful clear waters. The very next day, they repeat the journey, but this time they travel naked in the car and walk along the tracks towards the beach alongside passing people and cars. More beaches and more naked girls swimming occur over the next few days, before the three girls go for a long walk along the esplanades of Ibiza, much to the amusement of passers-by.
After a naked visit to an art shop, the three girls go to a part of Ibiza city that has several amusement activities for kids, like swings and trampolines. But they all bypass these simple pursuits and go straight for the dynamic and fun-filled Bungee Space Ball. Fortunately, the proprietor had no problems allowing them to take the ride naked!
From naked girls swimming to naked girls riding the Bungee Space Ball, “Adventures in Freedom 1” finally ends with Shannon performing a very sexy dance on the deck of the hotel where all three have been staying.


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