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Fantasy and Fun - Naturally Naked Nudes


What could be more enjoyable than watching naked girls having fun and participating in a fantasy sequence? This video begins with a sexy blonde interrupting a man meditating. They eventually end up showering together! Our quintessential Aussie girl, Shannon, then revels in some public nudity activities amidst wonderful natural backdrops. Finally, a bunch of nude girls frolick and have fun in playful merriment.






Naturally Naked Nudes - Revelations 6

Re: REVELATIONS 6: I have enjoyed the Revelations series and this is a wonerful addition. The filmmaker has a long history of filming beautiful young women, capturing their beauty, character and innocence practicing nudism without ever becoming vulgar or obscene. It is obvious they adore him, and viewing these films we feel that love and adoration coming through to us. This video and the whole Revelation series is so much more than what is described here. Highly recommended!

Old Baldy

Naturally Naked Nudes - Happy Sexy

Re: HAPPY SEXY: This is the best video yet, I really, really like the intimate closeups you’ve done in this video. It is awesome work. I feel that once I’ve seen one nude in public, I’ve seen them all, though many people like those. It is well worth the price. Thank you so much!


Naturally Naked Nudes - Walking proud

This site is beautiful. WALKING PROUD with Shannon is just a wonderful video. I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching her walk around naked in public. I hope that the more of these videos are produced, the more open people will be to nudity in public places. It’s about freedom. People have natural rights to life, liberty and property; they do not have freedom from ever being offended. I wish governments would quit putting restrictions on our liberty.


Naturally Naked Nudes - Happy Exercises

Re: HAPPY EXERCISES: OMG this video is so sexy and wonderful. I love every minute of it. Well done with so many beautiful young women sharing their lovely exhibitionist habits with us to our great delight.

Two of my favourites Denisa and Izabella finish a very revealing set of exercises with Karol applying oil to her lovely body and then Izabella helping her….

Thank you so much for making these available!

Old Baldy


What makes the videos showing public nudity and other naked girls activities on the Naturally Naked Nudes website the best? It’s simple, the ladies thoroughly and unashamedly enjoy revealing their naked bodies to the Naturally Naked Nudes cameras, and subsequently to the viewers of the nude video downloads. They walk, bicycle, and even roller-skate through the streets of European cities like Barcelona, Prague, Berlin and Budapest enticing people to go beyond any apprehensiveness and marvel at their beauty and their boldness.
The girls enjoy the beaches on the Greek Islands and in Australia where they cavort in the sunshine, play and swim in the water, and at times perform solo or tandem nude yoga routines on the sandy shores. They also frequent popular European bars and nightclubs, dancing and performing nude in front of patrons who cannot help enjoy the display provided by the naked girls before them.
What makes many of the Naturally Naked Nudes videos equally enjoyable to watch is that public nudity is not the only type of videos being presented. There are many scenes of sexy naked girls exercising, playing games together such as naked twister or cavorting around on the floor, meditating, and performing nude yoga routines in the privacy of indoor settings. There are scenes of naked girls oiling and caressing themselves to reach states of ecstasy while revealing intimate parts of their bodies. They celebrate together in the company of other party-makers who revel in the girls’ freedom of expression and their lack of timidity and shyness.
After all, as the well-known filmmaker and producer of the videos, Charles MacFarland emphasises, nudity is our essential physical form – it’s the way we have all been created and it should not be seen as anything other than natural. For over 20 years his films have challenged negative attitudes that diminish healthy sexuality, as well as question the rationale underlying existing laws limiting public nudity activities and in many countries the capacity to download nudes from the Internet.
Charles MacFarland’s films utilize several unique techniques. He sometimes interviews people who witness the events such as the public nudity outings, in order to reveal their responses. He also occasionally films from a distance far enough from the girls to see people’s reactions when they do not know they are being filmed!
The girls themselves come from different countries around the world, including the Czech Republic, England, Spain, the United States, Germany, the Ukraine and Australia. Some girls, like brunette Gwen and blonde Tereza are striking, while others like blonde Dominika and Aussie redhead girl Shannon are not only attractive – they have universal girl-next-door appeals. The variety of naked girls, and the different qualities they bring to the collection, accounts for much of the charm that the nude video downloads deliver to those who purchase them.
Just as important, extra care has been taken to ensure the music chosen is appropriate for the scene being filmed. Thus, for example, the accompanying background music for the nude yoga scenes are relaxing and ethereal, as compared to the nude dancing scenes which, unsurprisingly, have louder and bolder music!
The important element is that all the sound tracks fit with the activities of the girls. Another feature of the nude video downloads is that each video has several segments; that is, the filming takes place in a number of different locations. Most videos contain several naked ladies, while some are devoted to just one of them.
So, what are you waiting for? Go to our nude video download page and look through the trailers to find the naked girls video that piques your interest. Will it be a public nudity video, or will it be a video set indoors? Will the video feature many of the girls, or will it highlight just one girl that particularly takes your fancy? The purchasing process is quick and easy and the downloading usually only take several minutes – enough time to make a coffee before settling down to watch the video.

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