Adventures in Freedom 3


Length of video: 86 minutes


Shannon and Bella visit Prague, where they enjoy the Cow Parade and Shannon dances on the Charles Bridge to a dixieland group. They go for a long naked walk on the shores of the Vlitava River, walk naked up a long staircase and dance in a park, and run and play naked in another park.
Verka and Zusa also go naked and do exercises in a park and then stroll around naked on the streets of Visoke Mito. Verka describes her previous bouts of exhibitionism.
Verka, Zusa, and Harriet visit the Quick Club, where they go naked and dance with the customers. Verka and Zusa kiss and fondle each other, and several guys in the club fondle them as well. Verka even helps guys undress, and it all gets pretty wild as they outdo themselves to see how sexy they can be for everyone's enjoyment.

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    My favorite of the several movies I’ve bought so far, with one scene that leaves me laughing and smiling big time, where a bouncy and enthusiastic nude dancer comes off a clubs stage into the audience and picks a guy to dance with, bringing big smiles to the guy. She then lifts off his shirt, waves it around and tosses it, to the shrieks and joy of the audience. Then she lowers his pants to around his ankles but he keeps on smiling and dancing. Then she jerks his underpants to his ankles to the joy of all. Great great fun! Not to be missed! 10 stars out of 5!!

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