Alice at the Klec Club

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Year of production: 2020

Length of video: 91 minutes

Alice at the Klec Club

Sexy brunette, Alice, loves public nudity activities. In this video, she tries her hand at dancing naked at the Klec Club in the Czech Republic.
She begins by having a few drinks before stripping off her clothes. She then high-fives a number of guys until a circle of them surround her. They thoroughly enjoy her naked form dancing wildly!
Alice then sits on the shoulders of a large man and twirls happily for the entire audience to gleefully watch.
Finally, Alice poses for photos while embracing some of the other girls in the club. She also does a very sexy pole dance routine on a podium!

1 review for Alice at the Klec Club

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    Randell Adamo (verified owner)

    Alice is clearly enjoying herself in the Klec club. A huge amount of interaction with members of the public throughout. A real surprise is the final few minutes of the video, filmed the next day. We get to hear Alice reflect back on her naked night clubbing, she even talks about who initiated some of the interactions, certainly not what I expected to hear.

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