Andrea Nightclubbing at Roxy Blue


Year of production: 2016

Length of video: 93 minutes

Andrea at Roxy Blue


Nightclubbing is one of sexy brunette Andrea’s favourite public nudity activities. She particularly delights in dancing naked in front of an audience of revellers. So, she visits Club Roxy Blue, a nightclub in Barcelona, Spain, removes her clothes in front of all the people, then begins her frolicking adventure.
Andrea starts by dancing on a platform with a mirror in the background so the people see the front of her body as well as the back of her body. She then climbs up to a balcony and continues dancing so everyone in the club can see her clearly. Andrea subsequently ventures outside and walks along a street for a short time.
Upon returning to the nightclub, the DJ encourages two guys to remove their shirts, then dance along with her. A lovely girl also strips down to her panties and bra and dances as well. Andrea finally dances naked in the line of some glittering laser lights.
[Please note that some of the footage presented in this video was previously presented in “Holidays with Girls 2”. This video, however, shows the entire footage filmed.]



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