Aneta and Agi at La Terrazza


Year of production: 2011

Length of video: 79 minutes

Aneta and Agi at La Terrazza


Aneta initially had reservations about baring it all in front of a large audience, but with Agi's encouragement, she gradually warmed up to the idea. She confidently posed for Agi's camera in the club's lounge area, and the experience was so enjoyable that she felt ready to venture onto the dance floor amidst the crowds. Aneta embraced a seductive demeanor, dancing openly and capturing the attention of many astonished and delighted guests who witnessed her in the nude. She even took to the central podium, striking various sexy poses for Agi.
Aneta moved freely among the revellers, engaging in a sensual dance with a handsome young man. Eventually, both girls ascended to the music platform high above the crowd, where they danced together, putting on a display of unabashed enjoyment for all to see.
This footage encapsulates the unedited highlights of our memorable night at the club. Some of these moments were incorporated into the edited segment featured in the video "Holidays With Girls 1."


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