Barcelona Magic 2


Length of video: 74 minutes


More wonders of Barcelona! Gwen visits Emilia Castaneda, an excellent artist, who dresses her in an elegant costume. Gwen walks around admiring the paintings and looking like a work of art herself.
Gwen and Judit visit a tapas bar and then go for long walks in the most public squares and streets of Barcelona, finishing with a visit to a sports bar. Judit visits a bar whose building may have been the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and then goes for naked walks in a crowded street and in La Rambla, Barcelona's busy centre of tourism.
The Soccer World Cup was on, which we're happy to report Spain won this year, for the first time ever! Marketa does a tour of bars and streets naked painted in a Spain soccer uniform, to universal applause!

Finally two girls tour the waterfront, and two others visit Catwalk, one of Barcelona's most elegant nightclubs.




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