Beach and Yoga


Length of video: 79 minutes


There is something wonderful about beaches which keeps us returning to them again and again. Going naked seems so natural in these wonderworlds of sun and sea and sand.
Shannon begins our video with yoga poses at a beautiful beach, and Lydia and Leilah visit the same beach to do double yoga, running, and swimming.
Delik and Sandy play and run in the surf of another long and perfect beach, until they meet and swing each other around and enjoy body boarding.
We see a selection of shots from Jana's party in Jana In Australia, followed by a session of yoga exercises and acrobalance by three of the girls from the party.
Shannon and Anna do some yoga at yet another lovely beach, and then have a go at acrobalance themselves, with modest success. Dominique makes a trip to the same beach, and plays in the waves and rolls in the sand and generally shows us what a magical place the beach can be.



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