Dolce Far Niente 2

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Length of video: 73 minutes


"Dolce Far Niente" is an Italian phrase meaning “sweetly doing nothing” or "pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness". It refers to the happy times when you can relax and enjoy life with no demands or responsibilities. The girls in both Dolce Far Niente 1 and Dolce Far Niente 2 enjoy their leisure time doing several activities with carefree abandon. Why not match their enjoyment during your leisure time, and admire them playing and frolicking in all their naked beauty?
Dolce Far Niente 2 begins with Sally and Marta disrobing under the cover of a patterned sheet and doing windmill exercises as the cover slips to the floor. They roll, play, and jump excitedly on a black bed. They then pose for photos and play at being cats. Finally these two gorgeous ladies run around the room full of fun, and dance attractively to their own music.
Gwen is a beautiful woman who appears in many of the Naturally Naked Nudes videos. She has bicycled naked through the streets of Barcelona, played Naked Twister with her friends, enjoyed the sun while sun-baking on the beach, sat quietly meditating in rooms full of incense, danced in Spanish nightclubs, and even modeled for artists in the streets. In Dolce Far Niente 2, she appears walking around naked in parks and city streets where lots of people can see her and admire her beauty. She then poses naked for hundreds of photos made by a computer for a 3D laser sculpture.
Sasha does a dance in front of a mirror at her home, and Gwen and Tereza run in the countryside and spin each other around.
Alice and Gwen run around and play in the games room. They play kickball and dodgeball and do yoga poses. Finally Tereza meditates quietly and enjoys visions shining through her mind.


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