Exercise Life

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Length of video: 84 minutes


Exercise Life is dedicated to the sort of casual exercise that keeps everyone fit, healthy and happy.
Bailey strolls then runs through the countryside and on roads while cars pass by. Dominika and Anna do stretching exercises indoors, then skip-rope and stretch their bodies with yoga. Dominika later strolls naked in a cave in Mallorca.
Vicki and Monika have a great time one day. They try out some skimpy bikinis in a fashion parade. They dance sexily for us, then do yoga poses and simple exercises. They finish with a sexy dance together.
Beautiful Gwen and Tereza do sexy exercises and jump-rope, then frolic in the pool and finish up with yoga.
Finally, Dominika and Anna enjoy a vigorous game of kickball, while Gwen and friend run excitedly outdoors.




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