Five Girls at the Klec Club


Year of production: 2004

Length of video: 82 minutes

Five Girls at the Klec Club

Back in the era before phone cameras dominated, there was a memorable occasion at our beloved Klec Club when five girls decided to shed their inhibitions along with their clothes. It all began with Shannon and Andy boldly strolling across the square in their birthday suits, having left their attire behind in the car. Upon arriving at the club, they were greeted by Bella, Veronika, and Jindra, who wasted no time in joining the nude escapade and making their way to the dance floor.
Shannon, known for her exceptional dancing skills, initially vied for the spotlight, captivating the audience with her moves. However, it wasn't long before Veronika seized the opportunity to shine, making her way to the podium where she could dance freely and proudly showcase her remarkable naked form. Later, Veronika joyfully found herself at the center of a circle of clothed onlookers, who couldn't help but admire her uninhibited display. It seemed as though Veronika had no intention of ending the revelry or covering up anytime soon!
Approximately fifty percent of this footage found its way into Adventures In Freedom 2; however, what you're viewing now comprises the entirety of the recordings from that remarkable evening.


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