Free and Wild 13


Length of video: 83 minutes


Dominika wakes and enjoys a naked breakfast on the patio, and then does some wake-up yoga. Gwen does her yoga by a fountain in a public park, and then does a more open session of yoga by candlelight.
Bailey gets up and we take her on a naked excursion to an observation tower. Then she does sexy exercises against a pillar and open yoga on a mat. Finally she rubs her body with oil while lying on the sofa and gives us a generous display of her lovely body.
Marketa performs a sexy dance for us, and then Kate and Lily get even sexier as they strip off and dance among lots of people in a crowded nightclub. Kate performs on a platform where everyone can see her, and shows us how sexy a bottle of water can be as she pours it all over her body and entertains everyone with her free & wild dancing.


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