Free and Wild 14


Length of video: 80 minutes


Dominika started dancing to music on the TV, so we encouraged her sexy naked performance in a corridor of the apartment and later in a public bar.
Gwen and Andrea did exercises and jumping rope for us. Then they played with pool noodles in the games room, and did partner yoga exercises and had a small fight with teddy bears.
Gwen and Ines-Whitney did several lovely poses by candlelight. Then Bailey set out naked to visit a pub, where she found a whole football team waiting for her. She played pool and then lay on the pool table while several of the guys drank a tequila libation from her naked body.
Gwen and Ines-Whitney had a great time preparing a meal together. Then Gwen had a sexy shower with the help of Ines rubbing soap on her body. Finally Ines enjoyed rubbing oil on her own body and massaging herself to a happy sexual fulfillment — twice!




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