Free and Wild 15


Length of video: 84 minutes


What man can say he has never dreamed of sailing away with a pair of beautiful girls? In this video the dream is fulfilled by Gwen and Dominika who travel on a boat and swim in the water completely naked.
Back home, Tereza and Bailey play naked Twister indoors. Their lovely bodies twist and turn in a struggle to stay upright.
In the Free and wild series of videos, we always strive to find new ways for girls to be sexy. In this video we have another first - Anna is tied up and Dominika teases her with ice. Anna can thrash and yelp, but she cannot escape the delightful thrills and chills.
As an interlude, Ines-Whitney poses sexily and gracefully, while in the finale Tereza gets naked and dances in a lively nightclub in front of friends and a happy crowd.


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