Free and Wild 17


Length of video: 77 minutes



There’s nothing like a great party. Dominika and Anna start out rolling around the room, then do the windmill exercise on a table, swing on a trapeze bar, and run around happily. This is only a prelude to a great evening of playing and dancing.

Tereza begins her frolics in Barcelona with salsa dancing and jumping up and down. She runs around a fountain naked in a park and enjoys noise-making toys. But her real fun is going naked in a strip of dance clubs with lots of amazed people around.

Anna, Dominka and Gwen all pose in different ways for photos, and Gwen has a strange dream of being tied up tightly on a table.

Deirdre caps it all off with a Halloween celebration with many exotic people attending a nightclub performance.




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    free and wild 17

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