Gwen and Whitney at Club Catwalk


Year of production: 2013

Length of video: 53 minutes

Gwen and Whitney at Club Catwalk

Whitney and Gwen are two sexy girls who love to be involved in public nudity activities. They also love to dance, so they went to the popular Club CatWalk, took off their clothes, and began an evening of wild nightclubbing. The two of them spun each other around while revealing their naked bodies to all the Club Catwalk nightclubbers in the building.
Before long, a crowd gathered, which inspired Whitney to dance really passionately and freely. Not surprisingly, guys in the club joined in by also dancing wildly. It was a great evening which included smoke and bubbles!
[Note: Our video titled “Girls for Fun 2” included approximately a third of the footage appearing in this video... but we decided here to reveal the whole evening as well as including some marvellous snapshots of the naked girls.]


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