Happy Creatures

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Length of video: 76 minutes


Naturally Naked Nudes highlights beautiful naked girls play-acting in this wonderful addition to the “Happy Videos” series. Exercising, partying, dancing, and all manner of games are on display!


1 review for Happy Creatures

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    Old Baldy (verified owner)

    I’m a very satisfied repeat customer. This video is one of my new favourites!

    In the opening segment Katie does an absolutely fabulous performance convincing me she is a cat. She gets so many of the little kitten behaviours and quirks down and presents her lovely female essence in an unabashedly exhibitionist, innocent and erotic style. She is a classic solo artist!

    In the next segment the lovely combo of Karol and Sarah Kay arrive, strip down and do an equally wonderful job of playing cat vs dog. I also have the clip Reigning Cats and Dogs, which is essentially the same performance. They are listed in the credits as Denisa and Isabella, so I’m not sure what their real names are. I’ve noticed them in a few other videos as well and love they way they interact with each other. Would love to see more of Sarah Kay/Isabella. She is such a cutie!

    Would buy more videos featuring any of these girls in combos or solos private, pool, or beach settings. They are a wonderful representation of everything I love about Naturally Naked Nudes!

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      Thank you for your glowing account of this video in particular, and the NnN site in general. We take great pride in the making of our videos, and we always appreciate the positive things our customers have to say.

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