Happy Days

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Length of video: 93 minutes


The beauty of naked girls in displays of public nudity is an enduring source of artistic merit, especially when captured by video. Fortunately, the naked girls of Naturally Naked Nudes are more than happy to spend some days displaying their beauty.
The first scene of “Happy Days” provides us with clear examples. Three nineteen-year-olds show just how much they enjoy displaying their naked bodies. They perform star jumps, shake their bodies using hula hoops, cat walk, dance in a conga line, and generally roll around.
Lucia and Katya spend several happy days on the Greek island of Naxos. One day, they embark on a trip to the beach running and playing in the waves, while photographing each other.
Hanna and Dominika arrive naked to a party all the while allowing themselves to be adorned by several guys. They dance, play with streamers, sparklers, poppers, as well as a crystal ball.
Frida and Jimena light up a popular bar in Barcelona with their nakedness, performing and dancing with all-comers in a delightful evening of happy fun.
The thing is, with such charming beauties like these women from Naturally Naked Nudes, who could not share in the happy days?


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