Happy Exercises

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Length of video: 87 minutes


The naked girls of Naturally Naked Nudes love to flex their muscles and enjoy a good work-out. They like to twist and strain as they challenge themselves before the eyes of the camera.
The fun-loving pair, Kylie and Lucia, begin the journey by throwing themselves around and rolling on a bed, as they play at copying the antics of different animals. They do leg lifts, star jumps and twists, as well as working out with the pendulum and the windmill.
Izabella and Denisa always enjoy showing off their naked bodies. They follow on the previous naked ladies by performing some very sexy exercises that result in some wonderful exposure. Denisa continues by caressing herself – Izabella then helps her out.
Tereza is a particularly shapely lady who always looks attractive no matter what angle the camera is filming! She begins by posing for photos, then does some cat-like exercises. She even does some sexy bondage scenes. Lastly, we encourage her to make an extra effort and do some weight lifting.
Beautiful brunette, Gwen, follows on by walking, then running through a green field. She has the grace, and the sort of amazing face and body, that holds the attention of anyone fortunate enough to watch her.
Finally, Anastasia jogs outside and rests sexily on a park bench.  She works hard at the pendulum, rocking on the bed, leg lifts, torso twists, and weight lifting. The exercise is really demanding, but she is always up for the challenge.



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