Happy Hour

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In bars and pubs around the world, Happy Hour is the time when drinks are cheaper than usual and people come to have fun. What could be more fun than watching naked girls from Naturally Naked Nudes appear and dance for the viewers’ entertainment.Jimena is the first naked girl to appear in the Podium Club in Barcelona. She certainly enticed several customers by taking her clothes off and dancing freely.
Two of the most popular girls from Naturally Naked Nudes, Gwen and Dominika, went to the Chupitos Bar in Barcelona, and were joined by Arjelina soon after. Dominika danced naked unashamedly in the aisle while Gwen posed for cameras.
Katerina and Lucia had a different type of happy hour – they went to the Greek island of Naxos on a hot and sunny day, and played games and danced for the entire afternoon.
Finally, Jimena and Frida went to the Mariatichi Bar in Barcelona and participated in a true Happy Hour. They took off their clothes, then climbed on to the bar in full view of all the customers. They chatted with them and partook in some magic with a magician. Their display was appreciated by everyone!


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    Randell Adamo (verified owner)

    If you like to hear the girls talking and laughing then this is the video for you. I might not understand some of the languages but that does not matter, it is just nice hearing the girls voices.

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