My Two Weeks with Dominika


Length of video: 71 minutes


In “My Two Weeks With Dominika”, the Naturally Naked Nudes team presents a video of natural and public nudity in an uncommon way.


The delightful Dominika came all the way from the Czech Republic to visit us in Byron Bay, Australia, with the intent of staying for two weeks. Dominika is more than just beautiful; she is also a person full of charm who loves to have fun… and, of course, be naked as much as possible. Doing new and exciting activities was our fulfilling intention every day of her stay.


We visited a rainforest and a crystal shop. She cleaned the house without any clothes on, as well as decorating the house with flowers. She even taught us how to create a scrumptious vegan dish and a tasty fruit salad.


The most fun enjoyed, however, were the parties, where Dominika danced unabashedly, played with bubbles, modelled with a string of lights, and placed oil on herself so that poured water would course down her body.


In essence, “My Two Weeks with Dominika” is a video celebrating Dominika’s visit to Byron Bay in a natural and ordinary way…. Except for the wonderful nudity! We await with eager anticipation of another visit next year.



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