Naked City 2


Year of production: 2021

Length of video: 84 minutes

Public nudity comes in all shapes and flavours. The naked girls of NaNaNu-Naturally Naked Nudes often play tricks as they partake in displays of public nudity.
Alice begins the foray by playfully pilfering a scarf from the Hundertwasser House and exiting the shop. She is followed by a shop lady and has to give it back, but the store-owner is part of the prank and ends up letting Alice have the scarf. Kylie then mingles with a crowd at night next to a well-known statue.
Dalia continues the adventures by walking naked on a busy arcade, while Gwen makes her way into a studio for a modelling assignment with a professional photographer.
Sara also takes a nude plunge as she shows her naked body to a large crowd who have gathered for a parade in Christopher Street. There are hundreds of people and lots of colourful floats. Sara takes her time walking down the street in an attempt to get away with as much public nudity as she can!
It is evident that the naked girls of NaNaNu-Naturally Naked Nudes enjoy their escapades, especially as far as public nudity activities are concerned.


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