Naked Excursions – Part 1


Length of video: 80 minutes

The girls of Naturally Naked Nudes love to get out and about as part of their enjoyment of public nudity. Naked Excursions part 1 celebrates their activities as they embark on several naked excursions. They especially enjoy the thrill of exhibiting their bodies in front of lots of people. Being watched and admired, the girls also pose for photographs and chat with passers-by. Their activities can be seen as daring, but they love being the focus of other peoples’ attention.


Lucie, Zhuska and Eva start the proceedings by riding into a forest and disrobing. They find a green valley where they race their horses. After dismounting, the naked girls run around and do some exercises. It certainly is fun watching these attractive girls enjoying themselves on a warm summer afternoon.


Katie decides to go to Berlin for her naked excursion. She begins by walking along one of the city’s busy boulevards. There just happens to be a major football final being played and the streets are full of spectators who see and admire her. She happily poses for them and lets them take photos of her. Katie simply loves cavorting around naked and spends a long time on this excursion. Tereza has exhibitionist fun in two shops as well.


More exhibitionist fun is had by Jimena near Barcelona. She visits the sculpture park of Xigu, a prominent sculptor. She chats with several people, partakes in an open air barbecue, serves wine to some of the patrons, then happily poses in front of dozens of cameras. As the afternoon continues into the evening, she joyously dances with some of the people while many others watch her.



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