Naked and Proud 1


Length of video: 59 minutes



Being proud of your naked body is one of the really important aspects of naturism.
The World Naked Bike Ride in Byron Bay was a fun event in which about 40 naked men and women rode through the market and down the main streets of town to demonstrate support for using bikes instead of cars. The goal is to lessen traffic and eliminate greenhouse gases.
Gwen walks boldly through the streets of Barcelona, and Judit poses happily for photos in a crowded square, as harbingers of a better world where nakedness is accepted and enjoyed.
Beautiful Gillian enjoys modeling and playing at home. Fenja and Gwen walk boldly among crowds of people in a festive area of bars and nightclubs. All of these girls are proud of their nakedness and glad that the many people watching them enjoy and appreciate their nakedness too.


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