Naked and Proud 3


Length of video: 77 minutes



Being proud of your naked body is one of the really important aspects of naturism.

Lily shows at the beach what a fantastic model she is, playing happily in the chilly surf. So we went for a naked drive to an artist’s house, where he painted her on paper and then on her own body.

Naked dance is another fine way to celebrate one’s naked body, as Shannon and Alexa show us as they dance in many beautiful styles.

Nakedness seems very appropriate for yoga, as Dominique and Erika, two experts, demonstrate by working together beautifully and skillfully in partner yoga.

The World Naked Bike Ride in Nimbin is a dramatic demonstration for the sake of freedom from cars, with all their problems of pollution, oil depletion, and global warming. The nakedness symbolizes how helpless bike riders feel when surrounded by cars in traffic, and how victimized we all are by cars.

To celebrate nakedness in the most satisfying and happy way, we enjoyed a naked party with Yasmine and many friends. This is one of the best events we have ever videoed for Synetech!





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