Our Naked World


Length of video: 81 minutes

The naked girls of Naturally Naked Nudes enjoy partaking in adventures involving public nudity. For them, the adventures enhance feelings of freedom they wish to share with others. In this video we present 4 examples of these naked girls as they display their bodies to people who clearly do not find their behaviours offensive!
Beautiful blonde, Dominika, begins the escapades by participating in the World Naked Bike Ride in Byron Bay, Australia. It’s fun, and it makes a statement about how we could minimize the Greenhouse Effect by riding bikes more often.
In Spain, Sylvie goes for a ride in a hot-air balloon. She enjoys posing for other ballooners in the air and then on the ground.
Elizabeth walks up a trail to the top of Mt Wollumbin near Byron Bay. She meets other hikers and chats with them. They are happy to see her naked and they take photos of her.
Sara particularly enjoys walking naked amongst crowds of people. In central Vienna, she walks down the crowded streets where many people gaze at her. She poses for photos with them.
Is public nudity indecent exposure? We think not!



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