Party Girls 1

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Length of video: 75 minutes

Naked party girls love to prance around and have fun! Gwen and Andrea are two such delightfully playful girls. In Party Girls 1 they begin proceedings by creating a mock beach in the lounge of a home and “sunbake” in the nude. They follow this by stepping outside and running around in the yard until, flushed, they fall to the ground rolling on the grass. The two naked party girls then exuberantly throw and catch large beach balls before they re-enter the house and cool down by going for a swim in the indoor pool. After drying off, they bring out the pastels and get into some fun body painting.
Finally, when the day has turned into evening and the lights are low, the two naked party girls prance around the room and dance excitedly. When exhausted, they stand back-to-back against a vertical wooden beam in the middle of the room, while a long plastic sheet is repeatedly and tightly wrapped around their bodies.
In scene 2 of Party Girls 1, “Princess” Kim strips off her clothes inside the house and dances wildly to loud music. Kim is the epitome of what unashamed naked dancing girls represent. Her lithe and shapely body gyrates in perfect harmony to the music. She climbs the stairs and performs on a cross-beam while the camera closely follows her every move. Kim cools down with a cold beer, then slowly peels a banana and eats it suggestively while confessing to what really turns her on. After some further cavorting and dancing, Kim relaxes in a hot bath. Not to be outdone quite yet, she continues her antics, finally dancing under the blare of flashing laser lights and a disco ball.
In scene 3 of Party Girls 1, a group of women gather on Byron Bay’s main beach on Valentine’s Day and promote womens’ assertiveness and protest against the violence of women. They dance and drum elatedly before taking off their clothes and partying in the water. Two of the naked party girls, Lisa and Yasmine, continue their fun indoors by dancing, rolling around, icing and body painting.



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