Radical Exercise


Length of video: 76 minutes


Watching naked girls exercising physically is a welcome treat for all to see. Their beauty, their elegance, and the sheer enjoyment the girls of Naturally Naked Nudes have in moving their lithe bodies, makes the watching even more pleasurable. In Radical Exercise, the girls show that physical activity is not incompatible with having fun. Indeed, just watching naked girls exercising is not only good for your mind and your body, but also your soul. You can get your heart rate going and learn all about good shape just by looking at these beautiful naked girls work out!
Gorgeous blonde Tereza sets the tone for naked girls exercising at the beginning of Radical Exercise, by running out of her house in the nude, then running naked through the countryside. On returning to her home, she oils herself sexily so we can watch shower drops bead up on her perfectly formed body. Finally, Tereza takes a shower outdoors and proves that oil and water do mix!
Next we train our wide-angle Hero camera on three of the naked girls exercising - Anna, Andrea, and Bailey - as they work out with dance, robust exercising on swings, and running around indoors teasing the camera to keep up with them. These girls love to perform, especially with no clothes on.
Gwen continues the mood of Radical Exercise by strenuously working out with the aid of nothing more than a wall. She also shows how adept she is at stretching her body. Adela, Vicky, and Dominika then take over by performing exercises in synchronicity, as well as teasing one of them with ice-cubes! Sapphira continues naked girls exercising by jumping rope and showing off her body in intimate detail with several flexing exercises and lifting weights.
In the last segment we enjoy the stimulation of watching Andrea and Yasmine caress their breasts for us, while Yasmine finishes off with a sexy intimate dance.


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