Radical Yoga

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Length of video: 72 minutes


Yoga is an excellent way to exercise and relieve stress and tension, and it is a great way to look at naked girls too. The girls stretch and tension their beautiful bodies, taking graceful poses and revealing themselves intimately for our grateful inspection.
Adela, Vicki, and Dominika start our yoga fest by running around and warming up, then dancing in a happy conga line. They do several simple poses separately and together.
Tereza is a beginner at yoga, but her supple and beautiful body adapts well to the stresses of yoga. She is happy to be examined intimately by our video camera.
Dominika has an unusual experience doing yoga in the rain forest and getting soaked in a sudden storm. She loves it! She runs around happily in the rain and even takes an impromptu shower as hikers watch in the distance.
Sascha also has a lovely and supple body, which we watch doing yoga at home and then at the beach. She runs along the beach and plays in the waves in a wonderful sunny day.
Finally Gwen and Sapphira work together in a few revealing radical yoga poses.


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