Raw Fun 2

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Length of video: 71 minutes


Raw Fun 2 follows on from its predecessor, Raw Fun 1. No fancy editing, just unadulterated footage straight from the camera, capturing the essence of these beautiful naked girls having fun “in the raw”!
The video starts and finishes with sequences featuring the gorgeous Dominka. Watch her as she dances and writhes exuberantly.
The beautiful Gwen is then seen running naked through a park near the Spanish city of Barcelona. She makes her way around trees, along footsteps, next to a river, and poses in the raw.
In the following scene, Kylie has raw fun by walking naked through Kärntner Street, the main street of Vienna. She poses for the admiring crowd, and allows them to photograph and video her unashamedly. That is, until a policeman stops her. Fortunately, he did not detain her, but instead allowed her to go after she puts on her dress!
Ever wondered what a naked photo-shoot is like? Well, in the next scene we catch up with long-haired Jenny as she poses sexily for a professional photographer. We see her on the floor with a bottle and glass of wine, then standing up looking out of a window. We even get to see her having raw fun around a pool table. Especially when she straddles the table and the camera takes shots of her from in-front and behind! The scene ends with intimate shots of Jenny making several poses on a couch.
Raw Fun 2 is completed with what we call “Nude Video Studies”, a collection of video vignettes with Sascha. She poses and moves naked upstairs and downstairs in a house, then steps outside into a lush garden to perform a series of yoga asanas. She returns into the house to lie on a bed, then stretches and crawls naked, and very cat-like, on the floor. She finally takes a well-deserved shower.
Raw Fun 2 is full of life and energy. We trust you will enjoy these shoots. To us, they seemed wonderful in their displays of the free and happy nakedness of beautiful girls.



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