Revelations 4

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Length of video: 78 minutes


Girls, girls, girls. Some are coy and reserved, and give you a hard time before giving you anything. Others are free and open, and enjoy being beautiful. They are joyful in life, and have no problem revealing themselves. These are the ones we celebrate in this video.
Gwen is a good example. She is happy to show off her body as she walks naked through the streets of Barcelona, enjoying the fact that people admire her and sometimes even applaud. Elizabeth is just as happy as Gwen to walk naked and free through the crowded streets. They pose willingly for many photographers, and would be happy if they never had to wear any clothes.
Andrea is just as happy to perform naked for the exotic dancers and costume people in the Be Good Club, and then she and Gwen do revealing exercises at a summer cottage in the Czech Republic.
Nikola spent the whole weekend naked with us in the cottage. She played table tennis and darts, and then danced in her most sexy and revealing way for our video camera.
Aneta also did some sexy and revealing exercises. Finally Judit oiled her body for video inspection by the light of a single candle. She and Gwen showed us pedestal dancing, the most sexy and happy revelations we’ve ever seen from such beautiful and open-hearted girls.


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