Revelations 5


Length of video: 83 minutes



Naked Girls Revelations are our favorite kind of videos featuring naked girls – these girls are the ones who don’t listen to the repressive regime that says the proper way to behave is to hide their beauty.
So this video is dedicated to happy girls who casually and completely reveal themselves to a grateful camera.
Sapphira begins on a photo shoot with an expert photographer. She is able to double her enjoyment and her exposure by having a video camera watch her at the same time.
Alice enjoys running around and discarding her clothes, then running upstairs to play at being a dog. Then she caresses herself on a bed and reveals herself fully upside-down on a chair.
Beautiful Tereza does naked and revealing exercises, and Kylie soothes and caresses her whole body with a wet cloth on a hot silent summer’s day.
Finally Sapphira disrobes gracefully in front of a mirror, so that viewers will be able to see both sides of her whole body clearly at the same time, and oils herself sensually and thoroughly. She lies on a bed and caresses her lovely body all over, and achieves a beautiful consummation – in fact, three.


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