Shannon – The Otto Zutz Club

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Length of video: 69 minutes


Shannon enjoys a wonderful evening going naked at the Otto Zutz Club. She amazes people by coming into the club naked, wearing only shoes, and then she climbs on a metal box where everyone can see her clearly and she can take off her shoes and dance completely naked. Her new boy friend Boris comes along to dance with her and makes her a sandwich with another woman. She also enjoys kissing with Boris at the bar. A rap dancer performs for her, and she mimicks his clever steps. She dances and chats with several other men and women. As a finale, she climbs higher on another metal box to dance with her legs firmly apart and shakes her breasts in a splendid erotic display.

2 reviews for Shannon – The Otto Zutz Club

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    Randell Adamo

    seeing Shannon doing moves of a belly dancer made this purchase worth while. Her enjoyment was clearly evident with Shannon’s laughs and glowing smiles. Such a mesmerizing dancer watching Shannon is intoxicating

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      We agree, Shannon is a wonderful dancer!

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    This video is the perfect frosring on the cake of all the videos I have puechased here! Shannon is incredibly beautiful, sexy and fun, and the joy she shows here dancing naked on and on is totally a joy to behold. I can’t stop smiling watching her. She is naked right from the start as she enters the club, and the dancing is almost non-stop right from the start, except for some break time at the bar talking and smooching with her boyfriend. This video is pure delight from start to finish and if, like me, you consider the naked female as God’s greatest artwork, this video is THE place to feast your eyes to the greatest beauty in joyous motion!

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