Shannon on the Greek island of Ios

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Length of video: 83 minutes

In this video we travel by hydrofoil to Ios, a lovely island with a lovely harbour. Shannon lies naked on her bed and describes its beauty.
We then walk into town and enjoy a pizza at a restaurant high over the main town. Shannon vividly describes the appeal of strawberry daiquiris.
We set off on our ATV again, and were rewarded by a cavalcade of goats. Shannon liberated Aghis Theodoti Beach to nudity!
Back at the hotel, Shannon enjoys drawing, reading, and a naked game of cards. We walk down Milopotis Beach to a fish restaurant, where she ventures into a new world with her first experience of lobster.
After another beach trip, Shannon merges her two favourite activities, sleeping and dancing, into a sexy dreaming dance on her bed.


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    Henry Le (verified owner)

    I’ve been a huge Shannon fan for quite some time and this video was something I’ve always hoped to see. It was amazing and I absolutely loved it. I would love to see similar videos from other models too. Also, although I imagine Shannon probably doesn’t film any more, if there are more videos of her, I’d love to see those too. Keep up the great work!

    • a62b1444cca79d89fe470305620b4308?s=80&r=g


      Hello Henry,

      Thanks for your comment. You are right – Shannon no longer participates in these types of films. With respect to other models doing similar types of videos (i.e., exclusively themselves), the closest ones are Gwen (Gwen Forever 1 & Gwen Forever 2) and Dominika (Dominika Forever 1 & Dominika Forever 2), although none of these videos contain the models exclusively.

      Thanks again for your comment – we are always pleased when someone reports how much they like our videos!

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