Shannon on the Greek island of Paros

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Length of video: 58 minutes

Shannon enjoys a shower in the morning for us, and we journey to Paros. After a great lunch, we find a pleasant hotel with a garden of flowers, and do some photos of Shannon there.
After a few shots of town, we visit the Tree Restaurant for lunch and dinner. Shannon gives us another naked summary on her bed of happy experiences.
A short ATV ride takes us to scenic Nauosa and then Montessori Beach, where there are some rocks perfect for Shannon to do contemporary dance high above us.
Shannon gives us a fashion parade of a sexy dress, a skirt for dancing, and great shoes.  As an interlude, we see Shannon enjoying herself doing sexy naked dancing in a night club in Barcelona.
We return to Montessori for naked dancing on the rocks in beautiful sunset light, and Shannon has fun racing around on the ATV in the nude too.
Finally, Shannon shows us her “leaning dance,” a new and sexier kind of dancing for us to enjoy.



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