Special Exercises


Length of video: 82 minutes


Watching naked girls exercising would have to be one of life’s great pleasures, especially when they perform exotically and revealingly. The simple truth is that many girls enjoy feeling sexy and love to impart this feeling to others.
Special Exercises begins with Izabella and Denisa working hard at playing Naked Twister.
Domis and Dominika then prance around the room after taking their clothes off. They do the windmill exercise as well while giggling all the while. This is followed by the two of them running naked outdoors on country roads and in green fields.
Lucie and Eva copy Domis and Dominika by performing windmills, then happily dance in front of a man who eventually joins in the dancing.
Beautiful brunette Gwen is an athletic girl and she shows us why this is so with a difficult leg lift. She then goes through a yoga routine which includes the “boat”, the “cosmic dancer” and the “table”. She finally lets us tie her up to a pillar and a pool table in order to stretch maximally and fully expose herself.
Kylie and Alice finish off the video by pumping iron in some very revealing poses above the camera, then having an energetic game of soccer with pool noodles. They playfully hit each other with the pool noodles until exhaustion.


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