Ukraine Peace 2


Year of production: 2023

Length of video: 84 minutes




Ukraine Peace 2 continues the delightful public nudity and playful scenes begun in Ukraine Peace 1.
Sara strips in front of a large crowd at the Berlin Pride Parade and walks happily exposed down the street. She is joined by Amber, and the two of them dance uninhibitedly. They are eventually joined by another naked girl for a short time. The three of them can be seen embracing ecstatically!
In contrast, Liudmyla enjoys the tranquillity of a naked morning yoga session.
Xenia and Dasha display more robust behaviour as they kickbox naked, do some sexy cartwheels, then show us some yoga poses. Not to be outdone, Xenia does some rolling, pendulum exercises and weight lifting.
Finally, Natasha allows herself to be tied up while a naked Diana tickles her. The segment is completed with some wild dancing.



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