Visions of Yoga


Length of video: 86 minutes


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Yoga in its fullest sense is the harmonizing of body, mind, and spirit through the vehicle of breath. In “Visions of Yoga”, thirteen beautiful naked girls perform various yoga practices in several different locations. Their naked girls yoga routines include postures such as downface dog, the tree pose, pose of a child, sleeping warrior, reclining lotus, toe-holding lotus, the inverted lotus, the wheel, the head stand, the shoulder stand, the table, the plough, and salute to the sun. The girls are seen performing their routines at home, in the forest, on beaches, as well as atop a cliff overlooking the ocean. They also get together on the beach to do partner yoga, performing poses such as the double downface dog and the downface dog backpack.
Aussie girl Shannon features prominently in this video of naked girls yoga, doing her cosmic dancer pose on the rocks of the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain, as well as incorporating dance and ballet styles in her various routines. She also helps Katrina with getting in and out of difficult poses!
The visual feast presented in this video of naked girls yoga is mainly accompanied by restful sync sound or occasional beautiful meditative music. Watch the girls and be captivated by their beauty, their grace and their astonishing flexibility.
(Please note that this video is not intended as a “how to do it” video, nor as a substitute for qualified yoga instruction. Some yoga poses can involve a risk of muscle strain or other injury, especially when attempted by beginners, the unfit, pregnant women or the elderly. For this reason, yoga should always be performed under the guidance of a qualified instructor. A physician or health and fitness expert should also be consulted before attempting any of the exercises that are illustrated in this video.)


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