Walking Proud

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Length of video: 76 minutes


Walking Proud contains some of the finest Naked In Public footage ever shot!

First Shannon visits a bistro, poses for photos, and walks along the streets of Barcelona.

She enjoys the admiration, so she walks around in a crowded square and even mingles with a tour group. In another pedestrian street, the crowds line up to take her photo, and she chats happily about why she is naked.

Shannon offers to walk a really long way in another crowded street, far out of sight, to see if the video camera is affecting people's reactions. She tries on clothes in a shop, enjoying not having to use a stuffy change room.

Finally Shannon walks the whole way around a city block, stopping to enjoy a bottle of water, posing for many photos and reveling in the gaze of hundreds of people. It's a real climax to a delightful day of exposing herself to everyone!



6 reviews for Walking Proud

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    www.conartist96 (verified owner)

    Masterpiece, naked beautiful girl roaming down the streets and explain why she is naked and seeing people’s reactions is splendid

    • a62b1444cca79d89fe470305620b4308?s=80&r=g


      Yes, Shannon was fantastic as she walked “naturally naked” down the streets of Barcelona.

  2. 9ba2c28e28eda21b3a63c3a395537fe3?s=80&r=g

    nrhh (verified owner)

    Jaw-droppingly beautiful gal walking proud and naked in the city.

    • a62b1444cca79d89fe470305620b4308?s=80&r=g


      We completely agree with you!

  3. f686651665f73ae48f9c38c89384e71a?s=80&r=g

    jayfroggy (verified owner)

    This current, updated hi-rez video is exquisite, and fulfills my dreams of Shannon in full detail. A fantastic display of feminine beauty! Love this video!

  4. f686651665f73ae48f9c38c89384e71a?s=80&r=g


    Shannon, the star of this movie, is stunningly beautiful and graceful, and her ability to calmly walk nude into populated area is amazing, and great fun to watch. I give this video 4 out of 5 stars, with one star deducted because of low resolution. With someone as gorgeous as Shannon, I want to see all of her clearly and fully! Although the video is pixilated pretty badly expanded to the full size of my computer screen, it does look alright on my tablet.

  5. 7b14e50a1948e479881f4fb9565a4f19?s=80&r=g


    wow wow wow………very nice

  6. 217505aff59b4d9908972c5b3775be58?s=80&r=g


    I think it’s cool to be walking around town in public places, I’ve only got the guts to walk naked in fields on my own. Good on you keep it up.

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