Berlin Pride Sexy Freedom


Year of production: 2023

Length of video: 82 minutes


Berlin Pride Sexy Freedom


The Berlin Pride Celebration, also called the Christopher Street Day Berlin, is a festival and parade held in Berlin in July every year to celebrate the LGBTQ community and their allies. This event has been held every year since 1979.
In this video titled Berlin Pride Sexy Freedom, Amber and Sera take off their clothes at the Parade, then blend into the throng of people. The two naked girls pose for photographs, dance, kiss each other, and even involve some of the individuals in the crowd. The girls got bolder and sexier as the day went on!
Amber and Sera had the sort of fun that only sexy, uninhibited naked girls can have when enjoying public nudity activities!
This video contains the rest of the footage of Amber and Sera going nude at the Berlin Pride Celebration which appeared in the beginning of Ukraine Peace 1 and Ukraine Peace 2.


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