Designer Yoga


Length of video: 76 minutes

Think of stylish designer labels, then imagine what it would be like to have naked girls performing designer yoga. Watch them stretch and flex their shapely bodies just for your viewing pleasure. In this video from the Naturally Naked Nudes video store, 7 of our sexiest girls gracefully exert and tense themselves in some of the most revealing postures.
Lucie, Eva and Zhuska begin the video performing some great postures together inside a stylish house. One-by-one, each gets up on a table to perform some wonderful postures, then complete the segment with sexy dancing.
Perhaps the most stylish of our girls, Gwen also happens to be the finest athlete. She skilfully does some difficult poses on a bench, before finishing with a marvelously revealing posture!
Sarah Kay and Karol then run outside from a superb log cottage to greet a glorious day. They do partner yoga postures by the shed. They also exercise on the porch, then display their naked bodies with gleeful abandon.
Finally, gorgeous brunette, Anastasia, runs around outside, performs yoga inside, then exhibits her enchanting naked body by doing demanding exercises on the pool table inside a luxurious country home.


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