Revelations 6

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Length of video: 82 minutes

Girls love to show off, and none more so than the girls of Naturally Naked Nudes in this video.
Katie and Dalia run around happily naked and then do revealing exercises. Lucia is on a beach on the Greek island of Naxos, where she performs sexily to the max, and Gwen makes a bed in the privacy of her home to do sexy stretches. Anastasia finally shows just how turned on she is by showing off her lovely body, doing some sexy stretching on a pool table, then caressing herself intimately into a state of bliss.

1 review for Revelations 6

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    Old Baldy (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the Revelations series and this is a wonderful addition. Charles MacFarland has a long history of filming beautiful young women, capturing their beauty, character, and innocence practicing nudism without ever becoming vulgar or obscene. It is obvious they adore him, and viewing these films we feel that love and adoration coming through to us. This video and the whole Revelation series is so much more than what is described here. Highly recommended!

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      Thanks for the very positive comment. Yes, Charles does have a long history of filming beautiful women. The interaction between Charles and the women is what gives his videos their charm! The next video to be added to our site is “My Two Weeks with Dominika“, a wonderful video highlighting this type of interaction. You will receive a Newsletter with the details. Cheers.

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