Bailey at the Klec Club

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Year of production: 2011

Length of video: 53 minutes

Bailey at the Klec Club

Stunning brunette, Bailey, is one hell of a sexy girl. Her long, jet-black hair, which she enjoys playing with while posturing for the camera, hangs seductively over her perfectly shaped body. She loves to go naked whenever the opportunity arises, especially if she can dance! So we take her naked to the Klec Club, located in the Czech Republic, and film her as she does her thing... such as dancing with patrons and playing table soccer in tandem with an enthusiastic set of players. She even sits seductively on the lap of a man at the bar while he has a beer. Bailey clearly likes displaying her body, and enjoys acts of public nudity wherever that takes her. This time it’s a nightclub, and she doesn’t let us down.

1 review for Bailey at the Klec Club

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    Randell Adamo (verified owner)

    Having already seen some footage of Bailey at the Klec club in Free and Wild 16 I was unsure if I needed to buy his video. Making the purchase of this video was the right decision. In this longer unedited footage you get a much better sense of Bailey’s changing confidence levels during the evening, in part due to a little encouragement from Sarka. Retaining the usually edited out content gives more of feeling of being their to experience the evening in person.

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      I felt the same way about this video. It was great to see more of Bailey dancing and mingling with the crowd of people.

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