Agi, Dominika and Elizabeth at Club Roxy Blue

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Year of production: 2010

Length of video: 70 minutes

Agi, Dominika and Elizabeth at Club Roxy Blue


Agi, Dominika and Elizabeth are 3 sexy girls from Naturally Naked Nudes who have no qualms about removing their clothes for public nudity activities.
The three of them ventured together to Club Roxy Blue in Barcelona, where they disrobed in the gallery area of the club before sauntering downstairs to the principal dance floor. In front of everyone in the club, they performed on a podium. Elizabeth went on to pose for photos at the bar, then she and her friends danced with the large crowd of people who were most attentive to what the girls were doing!
The three naked girls posed for cameras, then danced with two guys on the DJ podium. The guys removed their shirts and were joined by two other (clothed) girls. Beautiful brunette, Dominika, posed naked on the bar, then captured photos of Agi on a camera. Not finished yet, Agi, Dominika and Elizabeth went back to the balcony and showed their lithe naked bodies to the audience below.

1 review for Agi, Dominika and Elizabeth at Club Roxy Blue

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    Joe (verified owner)

    So young and beautiful Agi in her prime with her friends.

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      Thank you Joe, Agi is indeed young and beautiful!

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