Free and Wild 18


Length of video: 82 minutes


Be ready for a wild night’s adventure with Adela, as she prowls the nightclubs of Barcelona with fantastic naked freedom. There are day festivities too, as Sapphira and Gwen play at cats, Sascha enjoys naked activities at home, and Tereza parties at the Ice Bar. There is a new artistic venture in Plastic Fantastic too!
Night Fantastic begins quietly by day, as Sapphira and Gwen run around, prowl like cats, and roll and writhe sexily against a black sheet. Sascha flexes and stretches her beautiful young body in a day at home of yoga and running.
When Tereza goes to the Ice Bar, she finds two hens’ parties and a wild drummer, so she strips naked and joins in the fun. Dominika, Vicki, and Adela enjoy a festival of wild dancing before weaving beautifully in psychedelic lights before shiny plastic.
Adela enjoys the wildest time of all as she strips off for some boys in a smoking bar, then dances sexily in the bar window for the pleasure of people passing by. She dances with several men, and then one of them escorts her naked down the street to his own bar. That’s the place for her to really get sexy with several young men, showing off her body to the max and letting them play with her in a night fantastic!

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    Jay Mohler

    This movie is the jackpot of nude dancing! Long clips of guys getting twerked by wonderfully beautiful shaking and swiveling hips and asses is not to be missed! The girls smiling and happy through it all makes it all a joyous time. 5 Stars easily!

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