Happy Sports

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Length of video: 87 minutes

The girls of Naturally Naked Nudes love sport and public nudity. They love to run and play games, and let others view them as they do so with carefree abandon. The thing is, pretty much everyone loves sport, and even more so when the participants comprise naked girls pursuing physical activities of different kinds.
This video begins with Lucie and Eva running through “The Tunnel”, a natural groove in the ground that seems perfect for running. At the end of the tunnel green fields magically appear. The girls do star-jumps, bend-overs, and spin around each other, before gathering flowers in a field.
Dalia and Katy prefer indoor sports. They are challenged by trying to play table tennis, and are further challenged by doing windmill exercises. Katy, however, does a yoga pose before she joins Dalia in playing around with a punching bag. They then enjoy some naked hockey, and playing a version of pool that is both fun to play and watch!
Hanna visits the beautiful Greek island of Naxos where she and a friend drive to Aliko Beach. Hanna then swims in the clear waters, followed by some yoga poses on the headland, which includes a hand-stand with legs level.
Dominika visits Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, and sets up a water-slide behind a house. She performs a series of slides using soap and a hose that streams a good flow of water.
Finally, the beautiful Naturally Naked Nudes brunette, Bailey, goes naked for an entire week-end even though the temperature is very cold. She goes to a bowling alley, has a meal, then finds three girls she only just meets and bowls with them. Bailey is fairly good at the sport, and the girls are happy to play with her. So ends the video and a wonderful evening of happy naked sports!



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