Naked Excursions – Part 2


Length of video: 77 minutes

In Naked Excursions part 2, stunning brunette Gwen starts proceedings by riding a bicycle on a pleasant afternoon. She runs around in a field, then performs some naked yoga in a pine forest.
Alice also loves public nudity. She has some fun in Vienna by displaying her naked body at a well-known castle, before doing the same in front of two large museums.
Talia poses with a man in a strange outfit, before dancing with a rainbow flag.
In Berlin, Katie does a nude walk in front of a large crowd, from a government building to a fountain.
Naked girl Tereza chips in by going on a long naked excursion at the Tobogan Resort in the Czech Republic. She begins by driving to the Resort, then eating dinner in the restaurant, before drinking and dancing in the nightclub. Martina, her friend, joins her naked in the restaurant, as well as dancing for an extended time in the nightclub. The next morning, Tereza goes swimming.


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