Party Girls 2

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Length of video: 81 minutes

Party girls have one thing in common – they love to enjoy themselves. In Party Girls 2, the lovely ladies of Naturally Naked Nudes show they are no exceptions. Gwen and Andrea begin the fun by making bathing suits out of paper. They are soon joined by their friends Bailey and  Rob who design their own suits as well. The three party girls are then led by Rob to a large rumpus room where the four of them create a makeshift nude beach setting. They romp and dance around the room until, exhausted, they fall onto beach towels laid out on the floor. The fun continues a little later with the playing of games outside on the lawn, followed by cavorting in the indoor swimming pool. Finally, the three party girls bounce around balloons in the rumpus room.
In Scene 2 Terry visits Total Inferno, a Czech Republic nightclub. She strips off her clothes and dances wildly to the loud music. Several of the patrons join her and soon the nightclub is pumping. She drinks a little too much, while continuing to dance and interact with the men in the club. This party girl sure knows how to party!
In Scene 3, Dee goes to the New Casanova Nightclub in Barcelona to celebrate Halloween. Instead of putting on a costume, however, she takes all her clothes off and goes natural! As the night progresses, Dee dances excitedly with other patrons of the club. The night ends with Dee dancing on a platform being admired by one of the men in the club.
In Scene 4 of Party Girls 2, the mood reverts back to that of the indoors. Kate and Mirka take nude photos of each other in the rumpus room, then play innocently. They even bicycle their way round and round the room! They rub oil on each others’ bodies, then get into some body-painting before spraying cream and chocolate syrup on each other. After cleaning their bodies, the two party girls dance wildly amidst bright laser lights and a strobe.
Party Girls 2 is a hoot!



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