Rebel Without Her Clothes

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Length of video: 74 minutes


There are naked girls who won’t be told what to do in public! Anastasia is one of them. She wanted to go ten-pin-bowling naked, but the powers-that-be at the club told her she wasn’t allowed. So, instead, she flashed parts of her shapely body after each shot. But that wasn’t enough so she cavorted naked in a café, then danced sexily at night for the cameras.


Katie confidently walked naked next to the River Spree in Berlin while people strolled by. (This scene appears in the video clip “River Walk”.)


Gwen, on the other hand, preferred to mimic a cat on a bed. She also performed a tricky exercise before running naked along some country roads and trails. (This scene appears in the video clip “Cat Running”.)


Jimena enjoyed a fun afternoon going naked both inside and outside a maritime restaurant talking to customers and serving drinks.


A naked Tania proved to be quite an exhibitionist. She posed for the camera, talked to people, and danced long into the evening in a crowded nightclub.


All in all, when there are archaic laws against going naked in public, it is the sensible thing to do, especially if you are an attractive naked lady!



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