Ukraine Peace 3


Year of production: 2023

Length of video: 86 mins.

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The naked girls of Ukraine Peace 3 are a sight for sore eyes in a time when there is much confrontation and chest thumping in the world.
Irina and Yulia are 2 girls who show us how to really enjoy a night out having fun and partying. They are completely uninhibited when it comes to public nudity, so they take off their clothes and go naked in the Total Inferno summer grounds. Many spectators thoroughly enjoyed the show!
In a more physical segment, naked girls Natasha and Diana take on a punching bag with boxing gloves and high kicking. They both treat us to some wide-open sexy exercising!
Xenia and Dasha enjoy a series of exercises, including playing noodle hockey in the backyard, showering, then splashing around in the pool. They then dance in naked abandonment.
Amber completes the video by getting naked and strolling by a boulevard and river in Berlin.


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